How do I upload pictures for a custom collage?

How do I upload pictures for a Collage and Wood, Inc. senior night collage?

The number one question that I receive from new clients is: how do I get you the pictures? The answer: place your order, and then you will receive an image request via to upload your images. 

Dropbox has a pretty sweet system that allows you to submit images and for me to share your collage design back with you. After you order, you’ll receive an email that looks like this:

Then you will click on the blue “Upload files” button.  That will take you to a screen that looks like this: 

I always suggest to clients that you organize your images in a folder prior to uploading. If that folder is on your desktop, it makes it really easy to “choose from computer”. If you have dropbox, make sure your images are in one folder and then click “choose from Dropbox”. 

TIP TO UPLOAD THE FASTEST: Make your choice of computer or Dropbox and navigate to the folder you want to use. Click the top picture, scroll down to the bottom picture, hold down the shift button and click the bottom picture. Assuming you have moved all of your images to this one folder, this action should highlight all of the images that you want to include in your collage, like this:

Click the blue “Open” Button when you’ve highlighted all of your pictures.

Next you will see this screen, the step where you will actually UPLOAD your images. Click the blue “Upload” button: 

Your images will begin to load and you will get a status bar until your images are 100% uploaded:

Then you will receive a confirmation message that your images have been successfully uploaded to your folder:

At that time you can send me an email and let me know that your upload is complete. I will confirm the number of images I have received and I’ll get started on your collage design. In about a week or less, I will email you the design to approve! You’ll have a chance to look it over and make any changes at that time, before the physical product is made.

Was this helpful? Please let me know, and also let me know if you have any additional questions about the process!



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