How my ex’s ex-wife’s aunt (yes) changed my life

Upon my arrival in North Carolina in 2007, I quickly made my new home a place in which I planned to stay. One of my most important purchases: a small boxer (that wasn’t actually a boxer, more on that later). Miss Izzy Bear Blang Blang was quickly my best friend and center of my universe. […]

10 Easy Ways to Wear Your Team Colors on Game Day

Hello, everyone! I’m Carrie, of Team Colors by Carrie, and I am SO excited that Crystal invited me to be a guest blogger for Collage and Wood! I’m an avid sports fan and jewelry creator, and I love helping female sports fans discover the perfect jewelry accessories for game day, and every day! And I […]

The Importance and Impact of Personalizing Your Home

Guest blog by Laura Hinton of Lifestyled You (originally published to www. on April 16, 2019) Hi Everyone! My name is Laura Hinton with Lifestyled You and I am SO thrilled to be guest blogging for the Collage and Wood Shop! I’m an Interior Design Coach who helps women discover the life + lifestyle […]

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