My friend, Jon

Jon Crystal and Asher Waddell from the Collage and Wood Shop

I’ll summarize my life, 2007-2008:

Faith/Life Change > Break-Up > Homeless > Job Loss > Part-Time Job > Substitute Teacher > Teaching Job Offer > Started Working on My Masters > Bought a House.

It was a CRAZY time of extreme highs and lows. I had also started volunteering in my church’s youth group on Wednesdays and Sundays, working in the café. I felt like I was where God had called me, but I still felt so alone. In the middle of tons of people in a large church, I was so lonely.

One Sunday, I was working in the café and another volunteer walked by. “Hi, Crystal,” he said, and smiled at me. “Crazy weather, huh?” or something like that. I smiled back, replied politely and almost burst into tears. I think it was the fact that he said my name.

Hi,Crystal. Someone has seen me, someone had noticed that I existed in this great sea of people.

He became Jon, My Friend. (That’s what my mom jokes, that his first name was Jon and his last name was My Friend!) In the youth group, my friend Jon sometimes taught. The kids called him Pastor Jon and he never corrected them – I’m not sure he noticed. So I assumed he was a pastor.

I don’t remember when I found out that he was just “Mr.” Jon, and an elementary PE teacher. I was mourning heartbreak, and while Jon was kind of cute, he was obviously some kind of body builder and I thought he must be stuck up. So dating never really crossed my mind – but there some forces at work behind the scenes.

First: my own prayers. I prayed that God would reveal my husband to me by confirming the guy through a very specific word. I never told anyone what that word was. Coincidentally, Jon said this word during one of his youth group sermons. I was probably laughing when he said it, and immediately a conversation ensued in my head – I was like, this guy, God? Really?

But I started paying attention.

Secondly, the other adult volunteers in the youth group knew something Jon and I didn’t – that we would make an amazing team. So they started scheduling us at the same time, doing the same job at the front, signing kids in. I started looking forward to Wednesdays and Sundays and the time that I would spend with Jon, my friend. J

on and I couldn’t be more different. He is so disciplined in his workouts, infinitely patient with kids, and also infinitely empathetic.

He is the first person to call when you need prayer or help in any way. He is also very shy, private, and funny.

On June 18, 2011, I became Jon’s wife. On September 17, 2012, I became the mother of Jon’s son.

And THAT, my friend, is when my life REALLY changed! In a wonderfully unexpected way.

I’d love to hear what you think of the story so far? How is it like your own? How is it different? Thanks for letting me share!

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