From Homeless to a Master’s Degree

Ok, so homeless might be a strong way to describe my situation. I like to think of it more as “in transition” between homes. I did have options on where I could live. I could go to Chicago, and stay with my best friend, maybe work for the YMCA. I could always go home to Kansas and stay with my parents until I figured it out (NO!), or I could stay in Fayetteville, grow in faith, and live with my friend Kendra and her children.

I chose the final option. I could not fully explain why I chose to stay – I just felt God had brought me here for a reason. I couldn’t leave without knowing why. Plus, I wasn’t quite ready to admit defeat. So I stayed. I volunteered to paint a local, kind of po-dunk YMCA.

It was nothing like the grand facilities we had been throwing up all around the Kansas City metro area. The po-dunk YMCA gave me a part-time job. I filled out an application to start substituting in the local school system. I found that I had natural classroom management skills. Who knew? I made a friend at the YMCA. She was a new member, recently separated, and we bonded over our mutually broken hearts.

She told me about a program to recruit new teachers called Lateral Entry. A person could become a teacher and then earn their certification while teaching. Maybe I was destined to teach, after all!

Fast forward a few weeks and my new friend’s school expressed their need for a PE teacher who would also teach creative writing AND reading remediation. My undergraduate degree was in Sports Information – a random PE and journalism hybrid. I also had an associate’s degree in Journalism.

Once again, I raised my hand, and began teaching full-time that fall. I enrolled at a nearby university to pursue my teaching certification. Guess what? You’ll never guess! They had a Master’s degree program where I could get my Masters AND my teacher certification at the same time!

It was a crazy period in my life, for sure! As this all unfolded, within four months, in the midst of a recession, I bought a house for me and Izzy.

I went from zero closets and sharing a bathroom with young children to a 2 bedroom, 2 bath PALACE with a walk-in closet. Divine intervention? I think so!

Just wait until I get to the next part, the best part: my friend Jon.

What do you think of my story so far? Do you have a terrible situation that somehow turned into a blessing? Please let me know! And if you are in the midst of a challenging season, be encouraged! You never know when something better is coming. Keep your head up so you can see it!

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