The Ultimate Dorm Move-in List

Hey, momma.

You’ve made it through senior night – maybe more than one. You’ve survived graduation and all of the celebrations (and simultaneous heartache). I bet you thought more than once that you couldn’t cry any additional tears.

But for many moms, there is at least one more post-senior year of high school transition to make, if your kid is headed to stay on campus next fall: 

Dorm Check In.

To help you keep your cool and get that dorm decor organized, I modified a list from my new friend Amy. She dropped her son off for summer workouts and shared her dorm room essentials list with all of her IG friends, including me. This list is an amazing compilation of “all the things” pertaining to dorm room decor that her son could possibly need as he settles into dorm life. 

If you’re looking to personalize the space even further, check our our number collages, giant wall letters, or an oversized monogram for your baby girl.

Hopefully this move-in list will help ease some of the stress! 

You’ve got this, momma! Let me know what else should be on this list in the comments below!

See you next time!


p.s. And there is one thing I forgot to put on the list, but that is something for you: tissues. Hugs!

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