Big People Make You Feel Bigger

Thought of the Day:

I have spent the last few weeks absorbing advice from a variety of podcasts that have led me from one super thinker to another. The first, The Rise podcast featuring Rachel Hollis, has sent me on a personal development scavenger hunt that I didn’t even realize I needed! 

Through conversations in the podcast I was also introduced to Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the book “Big Magic” which is ALL about embracing your creative self. And not to sell things, or for any other reason than this: that creativity is good for you in the same way that exercise is good for you.

Then I listened to Rachel interview Ramsey personality Christy Wright, and many others, including most recently this week, John Maxwell. WOW. I’m not cool enough for trendy language but I have learned a phrase that I think applies here: FULL STOP. 

This guy was fantastic! (Except for his cursing on the air, which surprised me and made me giggle a bit). If you are a coach, or a teacher, or a leader who struggles with opposition (isn’t that all of us!!!), you have to listen to this podcast. I made this picture graphic of one of the things that he said because it was so powerful.

So anyway, as you “live your best life” and make the world a better place in the process, remember that “Movement causes friction” – John Maxwell. It’s not always easy but it’s always worth it. Find yourself some big people that can help you enjoy your journey to its fullest!

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